Virtual Payment System

The TDI Virtual Payment System allows any business or organization, with any computer with internet access either through a direct connection, WiFi connection or wireless connection to accept and process both bank card and ACH (Electronic Check) Payments without any investment in or leasing of equipment or the purchase of any software. Customer Receipts can be printed to any printer connected to that computer.

virtual payment system

  • Plug in the Free USB powered Card Reader into your PC to accept card-present, in person payments
  • Use the Virtual Terminal to process telephone or mail order payments
  • Use the Recurring Billing tool or hosted Payment Page to collect regular pre-authorized payments
  • Process Payments as either Bank Card or Electronic Check (ACH) transactions
  • Store Customer Payment information within the system vault for use in processing future payments from the same customers
  • Accept online payments from our hosted payment page or any one of the nation’s most popular internet shopping carts
  • Use our free API and technical support to integrate the Virtual Payment System with any web application
  • Generate a wide variety of reports or send web services queries to our online database to update or generate internal reports
  • Automatically send receipts or acknowledgements of payments to customers

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